Fundraising Christmas Cards for Schools

Register for Christmas 2018

Our popular school Christmas card project is now open for registration for 2018.  We believe in bringing value to the school Christmas cards market in Ireland and so we are offering our packs of Christmas cards for ONLY 4 Euros per pack of 12 cards.  Hurry and sign up today to avoid missing out!

We are Ireland’s BEST VALUE supplier of Christmas Cards for Schools!

Fundraising School Christmas CardsSigning your school up to our annual Christmas cards for Schools project is a great way to raise valuable funds for your school.  The kids will love to design their own cards and every child that takes part will receive a FREE Sample Card from which parents can order additional packs of cards.

We have carefully developed our School Christmas Cards service to be as simple as possible. So what’s involved? Well, we send you pieces of paper onto which your children need to draw their designs, record their names and classes. After the children have drawn their designs you simply need to send all the drawings back to us for processing. We scan all the drawings and record the children’s names. We send you back a set of personalised order forms (one for each design submitted) which are distributed in school. Orders and payment are collected by you/the School and collated.  One single order is then placed by you/the School ONLINE with us.  We print the cards and then send the cards along with your invoice to the school.  Christmas cards for schools couldn’t get any simpler!

What makes us different?

We have been producing Christmas cards for schools for over 5 years and in addition to producing cards for schools throughout the Republic of Ireland we also produce cards for hundreds of schools throughout the UK, so we know what we are doing and we do it with passion.  Key differences between our service and those available elsewhere include

  • LOWER PRICES THAN ANY OTHER PROVIDER IN IRELAND without complicated discount schemes!
  • Our state of the art technology means that we are super efficient at scanning drawings, recording names and the final production of cards.  This means we can produce cards in a fraction of the time of our competitors without compromising on quality at any stage.
  • We DO NOT ask you to compile a spreadsheet of children prior to taking part in our project.  This makes it quicker and easier to get your project up and running AND means the distribution of drawing templates is much simpler for you.  We simply record each child’s drawing against their name when we receive your drawings back at our offices.  Let us do the hard work!
  • Every school gets access to our online control panel which allows you to control many aspects of your project, from seeing exactly what stage it is at to modifying children’s names, downloading replacement order forms (for when the dog eats them), requesting additional drawing templates and finally ordering online.  Our bespoke online control panel puts you firmly in control of your school cards project.

Christmas Cards for Schools – Sign up Today

register for christmas cards for schoolsYou can register online for Christmas 2017 using our simple form.  Once we have received your registration we will send you a set of drawing templates for your children to draw their designs on (please do not photocopy the templates or use your own paper).  Why not sign up for our school Christmas cards project today and start raising money for your school’s PTA?

Using School Fundraising for your Christmas cards for schools project could be the best decision you make for your PTA all year.  Many schools earn thousands of Euros for their schools through a fun and creative art project.  Why not join them?